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DVT Pneumatic Air Compression Therapy Machine Digital 6 Chamber


Pneumatic air compression DVT  Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Air Therapy Lymphatic Drainage Machine Digital 6 Chamber with 2 Legs Cuffs ,1 Arm,1 Waist Cuff with Remote and 2 Legs Extensions



Elevate Your Circulation with Dynamic Pneumatic Compression

Subheading: “Experience a Dynamic Circulation Boost

Embark on a journey to enhanced blood circulation with our DVT Pneumatic Air Compression Therapy Machine. This innovative device, equipped with 6 chambers that rhythmically inflate and deflate, replicates the body’s natural pumping action. Revel in the invigorating rush as targeted compression alleviates tension, reduces swelling, and promotes oxygen-rich blood flow. Elevate your well-being in every session, nurturing vitality from within.

**Tailored Comfort for Your Optimal Wellness**

*Subheading: “Achieve Personalized Comfort and Optimal Results”*

Introducing the DVT Pneumatic Air Compression Therapy Machine, a beacon of comfort with digital precision. Customize your therapy journey by adjusting pressure levels, cycle duration, and chamber targeting. Whether you seek relief for tired legs or comprehensive compression for deep recovery, this machine adapts to your desires. Elevate comfort, embrace wellness – your journey, your way.

Your Modern Wellness Partner – Digital Revolution in DVT Management

Subheading: “Unleash Digital Prowess for Holistic Wellness

Step into the future of health with our DVT Pneumatic Air Compression Therapy Machine Digital 6 Chamber. Seamlessly integrating technology into your well-being routine, this digital marvel allows you to track progress, set personalized programs, and navigate with a user-friendly touch-screen interface. Managing deep vein thrombosis has never been easier. Embrace the power of digital wellness for a life in motion.

**Biotronix Solution Forever® DVT Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Air Therapy Machine**

Unleash the Power of Health with our Biotronix Solution Forever® DVT Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Air Therapy Machine Digital 6 Chamber. This advanced device is equipped with 2 Legs Cuffs, 1 Arm Cuff, 1 Waist Cuff, Remote Control, and 2 Legs Extensions, providing a comprehensive solution for your well-being needs.

**Key Features and Benefits:**

1. *Dynamic Compression for Full-Body Therapy*

   Elevate your health with the DVT Digital 6 Chamber and 6 Modes. Experience pressotherapy, lymphatic drainage, and intermittent pneumatic compression for a full-body therapeutic solution. The 6 chambers work in harmony to provide a tailored and effective treatment for lymphedema and compression air therapy.

2. *Remote-Controlled Convenience*

   Take charge of your therapy with the convenience of remote control. Easily adjust settings, switch modes, and tailor your experience without interruption. The digital precision ensures a seamless and personalized therapy session, putting you in control of your well-being.

3. *Versatile Attachments for Targeted Relief*

   The machine comes complete with 2 Legs Cuffs with Extensions, 1 Arm Cuff, and 1 Waist Cuff, all integrated with 6 Chambers of intermittent pneumatic compression. This versatile set allows for targeted relief, making it effective for various conditions such as DVT, lymphedema, trauma, inflammation, and edema.

**Applications and Benefits:**

– *Compressible Limb Therapy System:* Enhance the circulation of blood and lymph in arms and legs, reducing swelling and pain.


– *Preventative and Therapeutic:* Aid in the prevention of DVT and PE, trauma, inflammation, and edema relief.

– *Physical Function Enhancement:* Assist in recovering physical functions from disabilities or age-related challenges.

– *Pre- and Post-Workout Use:* Use pre-workout to loosen up muscles and post-workout to help muscles recover by eliminating lactic acid build-up.

– *Promotes Overall Circulation:* Sequential squeezing from distal to proximal enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, contributing to overall health.

**Characteristics: Pumping Power and Precision**

Explore the specifications that make our DVT Pneumatic Air Compression Therapy Machine stand out:

– *Item Weight:* 4kgs

– *Power Consumption:* 30W

– *Input Voltage:* 220V 50Hz

– *Pressure Range:* 30-250 mmHg, Adjustable with Digital Display

– *Treating Time:* 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 Min

– *Remote Controlled Modes:* 6 Modes (A, B, C, D, E, F)

**Key Highlights for Ultimate Well-being:**

– Varicose Veins

– Lymphatic Drainage

– 6 Chamber Digital Precision

– Remote Control Accessibility

– Digital Timer Functionality

– Adjustable Pressure (30-250 mmHg)

– Comprehensive Leg Extensions

– Inclusive DVT Pump

– 1 Arm Cuff, 2 Leg Cuffs, 1 Waist Cuff

– Effective for Lymphedema

– Results-Oriented

– Premium Quality Craftsmanship

– Targeted Relief for Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, and Deep Vein Thrombosis

In The Box
  • 1pc Biotronix Lymphatic Drainage DVT Compression Air Therapy Machine Digital 6 Chamber 6 Modes , 2pc Leg Sleeves 6 Chamber( Lower Limb ) with Extensions to increase leg cuffs Size , 1pc Waist Sleeve 6 Chamber , 1pc Upper limb Arm 6 Chamber Sleeve ( Arm Sleeve ), Sleeves Tubes ( Connecting tubes ) ,1 Pc Operating Manual ,1 Pc Remote Control

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 25 cm


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